1994 Fuana Pelican 1 Peso Varieties

Variations In Paint on 1994 Pelican Peso

  • KM #497
  • Mintage 25,000
  • Enamel Over Nickel Plated Steel
  • Black Cheek
  • Black Eyelid 
  • Dark Brown Neck Flap
  • Darker Grey Feathers
  • White Cheek
  • White Eyelid 
  • Light Brown Neck Flap
  • Lighter Lavender Grey Feathers
  • Type Shown in Krause

What is The Proper Colorization?

Based on the 10 pesos version of this coin one can concluded that the proper colorization would be the peso on the left. But in the Krause catalog they show a coin similar to the one on the right. The difference was noticed when Coinacopia bought a roll of 20 of the 1p and approximate 10-10 were of each paint color. 

1994 10 Pesos Proof