Explanation of As Made Wrinkle Error Paper Money

What is an "As Made Wrinkle"?

An as made wrinkle is a wrinkle that was in the paper prior to printing. This in turn cause wrinkles to be permanently embedded in the paper of the note. As made wrinkles since they were produced unintentionally during printing do not hurt the grade of the note and are not considered mishandling. 

How Does an As Made Wrinkle Occur?

Typically as made wrinkles occur when during “wet-printing”. Wet-printing is the process of printing on wet paper. Wet paper printing was has mostly been replaced throughout the world by more modern printing techniques. As made wrinkles were most prominent on obsolete US banknotes and notes printed prior to 1950 throughout the world. Since about 2010 there has been a large increase in as made wrinkles printed on CUC and CUP banknotes from Cuba. 

As Made Wrinkle on 1864 Confederate $1 Banknote

As Made Wrinkle on 2016 Cuban 3 Pesos Convertible Banknote