1985 Exile Souvenir Peso Varieties

Short vs Long Neck Varieties

Short Neck (Type 1)

Die Differences

  •  Short Neck varieties have a slight bulge in the neck
  • Denticles “Small Dots” have a larger gap from the edge of the coin. 

Metal Varieties

  • Copper-Nickel KM X#M7 Mintage: 500
  • .925 Silver KM X#M8 Mintage: 50
  • .5830 Gold KM X#M9 Mintage: 5

Long Neck (Type 2)

Die Differences

  • Long Neck varieties have a long distinctly vertical neck.
  • Denticles have no gap from the edge of the coin

Metal Varieties

  • Copper-Nickel KM X#M10 Mintage: 1,000
  • Bronze KM X#M11 Mintage: 500
  • .925 Silver KM X#M12 Mintage: 200
  • .5830 Gold KM X#M13 Mintage: 5

Brief History on Richard Lobel Fantasy Issues

Richard Lobel is a coin dealer based in London, England. His coin store Coincraft  manufactured theses and many other fantasy coins throughout the years. Lobel issued fantasy issues for Cuban, Australian, British, New Zealand, Burma, Hong Kong, and others. 


Andrew Lydic – Numismatist – E-Commerce Manager at Coinacopia

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